Episode 2: Lucas Stuurop

The Open Talent Report Episode 2: Lucas Stuurop

*Disclaimer while Lucas is an attorney at law what he says on this podcast is his opinion and should not be taken as legal advice*

This week’s guest is LUCAS STUUROP, is attorney at law, and partner, at Lexence N.V., in the Netherlands. As an employment lawyer, Lucas has expert knowledge of the Dutch labour market and regulatory system.

In this podcast, Connor and Lucas talk about the current labour law landscape in the Netherlands and how WAB, DBA and dismissal legislation have impacted it. They discuss what businesses such as those headquartered in the US can expect when entering the labour market and their risks. Connor and Lucas also spoke about the remote working world and the future of work.

You can contact Lucas through his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucasstuurop/